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We are very sorry but due to what we see as very unstable, unprofessional and deceptive business practices by Xtreme Technologies Corp., the Canadian importer of the Chinese manufactured Xlink product line,  we no longer feel that we can recommend their company  to our customers going forward.

Anyone who ordered in the last 6 months can get a full refund including shipping and handling if they want to return the product.
Those who purchased the Xlink from us still have the full one year warranty with Xtreme Technologies Corp

We have received several complaints regarding  email to the support address for xlink bouncing back.

 At SELLCOM we try to hold to a high standard regarding any product that we sell and the companies we do business with.  

We now have two high quality competitive products to recommend from Siemens and Dock-n-talk

The Siemens product is identical and works great. Siemens is a brand you can trust.

Again, please accept our apologies for recommending Xlink to you, our valuable customers. For previous customers their tech support number is 416-840-5452 (which, BTW, is a non-US number). Their tech support email is though we have reports from customers of email bouncing.




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